Metro Detroit USBC is a service organization which provides certified bowling leagues and bowlers with supplies needed to organize, awards, a bonding program, average verifications, tournaments and regulated lane conditions


MDUSBC members Kurt Pilon and Andrew Burke (left photo), Marcus McClain and Shane Rusinek (right photo) receive their Championship awards.


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Stephen Krywy wins Men's Series event at Mayflower Lanes

Brandie Reamy wins MDUSBC Women's Series event at Mayflower Lanes

William Kazmierski wins MDUSBC Senior Masters at Indian Lanes

Justin Knowles wins back-to-back MDUSBC Masters

Mykaela Mitchell wins Women's Series at Thunderbowl Lanes

Lonnie Jones wins Men's Series at Thunderbowl Lanes

Brian Waliczek wins MDUSBC Men's Series at Westland Bowl

Valerie Bercier wins MDUSBC Women's Series at Westland Bowl

Darren Alexander wins Men's Series at Mayflower Lanes

Julie Oczepek wins MDUSBC Women's Series at Mayflower Lanes

Ronald Burgess wins MDUSBC Super Senior Masters at Thunderbowl Lanes

Cathleen Maes wins MDUSBC Queens at Garden Bowl

Longtime DWBA Secretary Rose Marsh passes away

Detroit Bowling Hall of Fame elects four new members

Kelley, Lokker, Wyatt and Schultz Captain MDUSBC All-City Teams

Sandra Schultz wins Women's Series Invitational at Shelby Lanes